In June this year I was back visiting New York and New Jersey to share my work with the Roses, something I have done now for the past 4 years… Renae Jensen has been so wonderful in supporting the blossoming of the Rose Alchemy classes and the gathering together of a Rosy Sister and Brotherhood in the USA.

The Rose and the Path to Peace

This time we had a very full itinerary for my 14 day trip with some different flavours including an holistic Expo night which attracted over 200 visitors, a Rose Retreat at the beautiful Wainwright House in Rye, plus talks and classes at Spring Farm, Hope, NJ and at Namaste Bookstore in Manhattan.

Also part of this years visit was the opportunity to once again present at The UN Salus group, a wellbeing group within the United Nations in New York. The Salus group is organised by Rev. Susana Bastarrica and meets on a regular basis to bring inspirational speakers into the UN. Susana is also the driving force behind the Peace Day events in Central Park, New York each year.

UN Sandy and Susanna Bastarrica

My chosen topic with that connection in mind was The Rose and The Path of Peace… and the more I tuned into this unfolding time the more relevant it felt.

The words given by the Rose in meditation …

The Rose carries a simple message of LOVE and HOPE in a troubled world. She speaks to the Heart and through her is a path to Peace. Inner Peace in our own Hearts creates a path to Peace in our world. True change in our world will come one Loving Heart at a time.

The Rose is PURE LOVE… a Rose does not want to be a daffodil or a tulip, she just wants to be a Rose and to be the best Rose she can be. The Rose brings us back to centre… to reconnect with our Golden Hearts’ and to the appreciation of grace and beauty in our world… in that moment everything changes.

In this time of intense change in societal structures, weather patterns and earth activity the challenge to stay centred within the busy-ness of day to day life juggling work, family and home requires a discipline and a holding centre. Certainly when we have a practice that supports this centring, be it perhaps breath work, mantra, yoga or meditation it makes things feel much easier. All action can then arise from that place of stillness and there is flow.

How the Rose can help you stay centred …

So one of my personal resources has been my work and connection to the Rose. To spend time daily meditating on just one Rose that I have drawn from the set allows me to come to rest in the heart. There is something about the Rose that touches the heart, that calls us to stop for a few moments and appreciate her colour, her beauty, her form to reset to our human BEING ness rather than DOING ness.

That process was shared with the group at the United Nations and also the power of the Sacred Geometry of the Rose, known as The Golden Mean spin and how that geometry reminds our physical bodies of their optimum health and wellbeing at a cellular level, facilitating the releasing of old and outworn stories and blockages in our energy. This allows the heart to soften and open just as the Rose does. It is from that space of the heart that we can truly come to peace within.

Subject: With much honor and gratitude

Dear Sandy

We thank you once again on behalf of the UNSRC SaluS Well-Being Network  for your wonderful presentation

Everyone was delighted with the calming and peaceful dimension the Roses provided for organization

It is my honor and pleasure to know you and to have you amidst the peacemakers of the world
With much love and gratitude

Susana Bastarrica

Does the magic of the Rose whisper to your Heart?

If you would like to attend a similar talk to hear me speak about The Rose and The Path of Peace I have two upcoming events in September planned.

The first is a Positive Living Evening Talk – Poole, Dorset on September 15th.

The second is a workshop at British Society of Dowsers Conference – Leicester on September 18-20th.

You can find information for all my upcoming workshops and events here.

With love and Rosy blessings, Sandy

Ps…. It is interesting that at the foot of the main United Nations Building in New York that there is a large Rose Garden, it is said that it was planted by Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the then president. It is a beautiful space and feels very yin and feminine against the yang, masculine face of the building. One wonders whether she knew of the importance of that balance of masculine and feminine to nourish the heart.

Pps…. Here is the original flyer for the UN event.

UN Flyer June 2015 The Rose and The Path to Peace