The word commitment has been dancing in and out of my thoughts recently asking for attention. In this time of turbulence and change in our outer world where is commitment calling you?

which path are you committed to?


Regularly in life we can find ourselves at a choice point… forks that present themselves along our path. Sometimes the choice of path forward is crystal clear, and if not, if we really take notice – a pause point is being offered, a time to reflect and reassess… do you truly want this… or this?

Does Your Path Clearly Light You Up?

Could the path which appears the ‘clear’ choice actually just be familiar, a habitual action, a known vibration which ultimately will bring more of the same experience? That’s great if everything is going really well… but if not we know that if we continually make the same choices we will end up with the same result. So does that fork we see in the road ahead offer a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what truly lights us up now.

We are in fast changing times and as such the choices we may have made even a few months ago may not be feeling right now. The refinement of our energy fields and a deeper awareness of our purpose and gifts creates a clearer path, and within that a tangible awareness of the shift of energy in the body when we are not in alignment! Sometimes difficult choices need to be made… but of course these are only uncomfortable because they take us on uncharted pathways into the new.

The Journey to Self

I remember picking up a book by M Scott Peck published in the late 70’s called ‘The road less traveled’ and this for me speaks of that very first place of commitment… the journey to Self. This is our first and most important journey. If we do not know ourselves and have that commitment to ourselves how can anyone else know and trust us.

It was written above the arch as one entered into the ancient Greek city of Delphi ‘Know Thyself ‘ and the remainder of that saying ‘and to thine own self be true’ … so the work we do in taking time to truly tune into our feelings and truth reaps rich rewards in the grace and ease in our journey forward.

Wainwright Hse-min

So what are you committed to on your path? What is it that lights you up? When you are ‘lit up’ the DNA is fired in your body and you become super magnetic to that which is your heart’s desire. It is really important for your health and vitality, sense of purpose and truth that you spend most if not all of your time engaged in things that light you up.

What Would You Not Want to Leave This Life Without Experiencing?

One of the questions I have been asking myself recently is… What would I not want to leave this life without experiencing? This has been really helpful in defining some tricky choice points that I have been facing. When shown clear intention then Source energy can work with us and open up a pathway to manifesting that vision.

The end of the year is often a time when we gift ourselves that opportunity for reflection and review in order to create anew… and the commitment word comes up again. What do you need to release as we come to the end of 2015? And what pathway are you committed to as the New Year opens its doors?