So I have my Rose Oracle deck… what’s next?

For some people drawn to the Rose Oracle it is the beauty and the uplifting quality of the images that they simply enjoy having around. Perhaps shuffling the deck daily as part of a morning ritual, bringing to mind a question and allowing the Roses to inspire them in their day. Placing the card as a reminder on the desk, by the bed or perhaps on an altar is enough to offer support and comfort… but you can dive deeper!

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Are the Roses calling you?

The Rose Oracle also forms a complete holistic healing system, working to align your energy fields and optimise your overall wellbeing, open up your intuition to new levels and deepen your sense of connection to Mother Earth and Source energy. The Roses bring a seemingly effortless inner alignment to release residual old stories and fully open your Heart to LOVE. This enables your Heart Flame to become bright and your energy more magnetic to that which is your Hearts desire!.. For you to BE that LOVE, and then carry that LOVE out into the world to comfort and inspire others.

The best place to start your deepening journey with the Roses is by coming to one of the Rose 1 classes. It is a full day of working with the original 11 Roses that came forward for me to work with from my trip to the Alhambra in Spain in 2010.

These 11 Roses form a healing grid that works directly on your physical, mental and emotional body. Each Rose holds a different message and vibrational code for healing and transformation… I love sharing this class and it is amazing to hear how everyone in the group gets a message that is just perfect for them in their journey as they tune into each Rose in turn.

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To continue your journey with the Roses…

Rose 2 deepens that connection and understanding of how the Rose 1 frequencies work and the energy anatomy of the body and then adds in the balancing of the Masculine and Feminine energies in the body with the 3 Master Roses. Illuminating and healing programmes and patterns which have come down through the lineage of our birth families and primary carers, or that we have brought with us into this embodiment to embrace and clear.

Rose 3 is the Rose Angel class… 11 Roses which work as transformers for the 5 wounds to the Heart opening up Self Love, Trust, Truth, Forgiveness and Surrender as key qualities to embody for the release of old stories which can impact the clear energy of your Heart.

Rose 4 is the Rose Ba Gua… 9 Roses which form a 9 part square grid… Ba Gua is a Feng Shui term relating to a grid of 9 aspects of Life experience. So we work with those different flavours of life expression and look at what your heart felt desire is to experience. The outer container for your life is your home so we look at the different areas of the Ba Gua and how that shows up in your space… it is fascinating to see have our inner world and outer world mirror one another!

Rose 5 is the Rose Ma set… The Mother of the Rose, 11 Roses embodying the qualities of the awakened and empowered Feminine with you… A beautiful day to complete the Rose journey!

You can see what Rose Classes and other events I have planned when you click here to visit my Upcoming Events.

So powerful, so graceful… it is the journey to BE the Rose

I know for many logistics can be a problem so I am exploring the ways in which this work can be shared on line… I am currently planning a programme that will be live from the spring equinox 2016… if you are interested please do let me know.


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