When did you last stop and smell the roses? Taking time to centre and appreciate your life….

stop and smell the roses

How many times in life have you felt like a hamster on a wheel? Somehow the wheel seems to have an invisible independent motor that just keeps spinning round with you on it!… but of course really that momentum is directly driven by your inner patterns and choices, you just need to find and press the pause button to see it.

All of your best and most aligned actions in the world come from stillness and having contact with that still point within. This is what many of the mystics and sages spoke of including the spiritual teacher G.I.Gurdjieff, who spoke of the value of being able to return and rest in the centre hub of the wheel of your life not stay on the outer rim where constant motion is.

Ways you can centre yourself

The creation of a morning ritual can really help with that process of centering. Perhaps including journaling, stretching, breath work and a meditation… letting the outer chatter go and bringing you into a centred place to start your day. Many of those who work with the Rose Alchemy cards use them as part of that focus and inspiration on a regular basis.  You can find out more about the Rose Alchemy cards by clicking here.

I am often brought back to the saying of ‘STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES’ reminding us to not only take that pause in our daily doing, to breathe in the fragrance of the Rose, her colour and her form… but that the sheer beauty of the Rose can be a welcomed reminder of the magnificence and wonder of nature and the value of BEING.

The Rose, if you let her in, touches your heart and in that moment Grace can appear. Perhaps new unconsidered solutions to questions in your life can surface… but even more importantly a window opens to appreciation and being filled with LOVE and GRATITUDE for life and in that moment there is Divine connection and flow.

Have you stopped and smelled the Roses in your life recently?

Ps. Even putting a rose in a vase on your desk can change your day